Physio Pilates

Pilates - Rehabilitation of injuries and Osteoporosis - Reformer, Trapeze Lilyfield Physio

Pilates at Lilyfield is not just about core stability. A Pilates exercise program will find muscles that conventional workouts can’t event touch. Pilates aids those with Osteoporosis as certain exercises strengthen the muscles in your stomach and back increasing bone density. Pilates can also improve balance and help in preventing falls. Pilates addresses alignment and flexibility which keeps bones in alignment.

Our Pilates Classes come in two types:

Clinical Pilates which is led by a physiotherapist and is suitable for the rehabilitation of current or long standing injuries. It also contains a fitness component.

Fitness Pilates which is led by our Exercise Physiologist, Matt Werner, and which features a great range of exercises with more emphasis on a higher level of fitness and strength.

Our large pilates studio is equipped with Reformers, Wunda Chair, Trapeze, Slider, TRX Suspension System, Pulleys, Weights, Balls etc.