Matt Werner

Matt Werner

Exercise Physiologist (BExPh)

Matt is an accredited exercise physiologist who is new to Sydney having moved from a small rural town near Cairns. Having recently completed his bachelor of sports science and physiology Matt has a keen interest in developing targeted exercise programs for both elite athletes and those with musculoskeletal and cardiometabolic conditions. Matt believes that the most effective exercise programs encompass all facets of fitness including strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and mobility. He thoroughly enjoys his work at Lilyfield Physio in helping people achieve their personal health or fitness goals.

An accomplished middle-distance runner himself (Currently National level Track athlete (400m/800m), Matt has a special interest in working with runners to recover from injury or improve their form.

  • Specialises in Running performance
  • Chronic Disease Management with exercise
  • Workers Comp Rehabilitation

"I find many different areas of Exercise Physiology interesting. I enjoy motivating people to become active who previously were not. I also love helping someone achieve specific exercise wins like improving performance or recovery from an injury. Lilyfield Physio is a great place to work as I have exposure to clients with a wide variety of exercise goals."