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Alexandra Plane

Alexandra Plane

Remedial Massage Therapist (Dip AMT)

Alex has been working over the past 8 years as a complementary health practitioner supporting many clients with a wide range of bodywork therapies. Alex joined Lilyfield Physio in May this year to provide remedial, deep tissue and relaxation massage treatments – working closely with our team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Her approach to treatment is gentle, caring, thorough and geared towards a sustainable recovery and constant deepening of health and well-being. Alex is passionate about the human body, massage and works with both adults and children. Her deepest joy in life is to support people to re-connect to their body and the wisdom that it holds.

Dedicated to offering the highest quality of service to her clients, she is engaged in continual professional development.

Alex was born in France. She first worked in the corporate environment in middle management positions, both in Europe and Australia. She loves walking, gentle exercise, being in nature and living a simple life.

  • General health and well-being
  • Musculoskeletal balance
  • Building of true vitality, imroving sleep quality
  • Stress, anxiety and depression

"“ The effects of massage can be very profound and far reaching. It is really an incredible privilege to be able to work with people so closely”."