Running Injury Prevention

What makes running so good for us?

Running is probably the most efficient form of exercise you can do. You get a great workout in minimal time. And we are all time-poor, right? Running ticks almost every box when it comes to what you can do for ideal fitness.

Isn’t running easy

Running is much more than putting one foot in front of the other. We won’t turn you into a marathoner, but we can improve just about every aspect of your running – from evaluating your technique, designing your training diary, implementing running and strength-based sessions, and reassessing your improvements along the way. Put simply, we’ll make running easier, more enjoyable and less prone to injury.

Your first steps to better running.

Before starting your running program, we give you a full assessment which covers everything from your running goals and history, through to a technical and biomechanical assessment of foot strike, posture, cadence, arm drive, variations in speed and more. We want to know exactly how you run before we design your program.

The plan to achieve your personal best.

Your training will be a balance of what your goals are and how we can use scientific evidence to lift performance. You’ll have a program which will improve your anaerobic and aerobic threshold, fine-tuning your running economy, improving muscular strength and endurance, and importantly, decreasing your risk of injury.

Your plan will have plenty of variety and will include technique training, core strength, running stability, aerobic and anaerobic intervals, hill reps, circuits, and Vo2 max training. Upon completion, you’ll feel like you’re ready for the Olympics – even if you’re just doing a fun run.

Ready to start moving again?