Rehabilitation – Workers Comp

How can Exercise Physiology help return to work?

If you’re injured at work,  we can help to restore your function and get you back to pre-injury health.. Workplace injuries are often due to repetitive tasks and referred to as Occupational Overuse Syndrome (known previously as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

While we use exercise as therapy to enhance recovery time and help deal with specific physical demands your job may require, we also help restore your confidence in your journey back to work.

How are rehab exercise programs developed?

We start with a thorough assessment of your injury, your current restrictions, capabilities, strength and fitness levels. From this we devise a plan to continually adapt to your level of rehabilitation progress.

Which exercises will get me back to work faster?

It is the combination of strength, fitness and work-specific training that will yield the best results. Functional training identifies work specific tasks, breaking down exercises to specifically improve your ability to carry out your job without further injury.

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