Lilyfield Physio rehabilitation


This is where the real magic happens. There is almost nothing that exercise cannot help. But it has to be the right exercise for you.

The Right Exercises for you It has to be intense enough to trigger tissue change and learning but safe enough to stay injury-free and build confidence. Some exercises are either ineffective, too complicated or over-strenuous.

Any one of our practitioners will provide guidance to ensure you are getting the most from your exercise regime.

You can choose an individual session or join one of our small group classes;


Suited to clients with short-term or milder injury and clients who are happy to work in their own time, at home etc.

We will tailor a simple program for you, with only the exercises that you need. This can sometimes be as few as 2-3 exercises or a full workout.


Our fully equipped studio is the perfect venue for a range of small group classes with either a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

The class size is small enough for individual attention while also providing the motivation and support gained from working with others.