Pilates for Pregnancy & post natal Lilyfield Physio

Preparing for childbirth and having a new baby can be an extraordinary time in a woman’s life. It can also come with unique challenges in terms of changes to your body. We can help guide you through your pre and post-natal periods with appropriate and meaningful exercise plans.

Our individualised Exercise Programs for Pregnancy and following childbirth can be done as a home exercise program or with a small group at Lilyfield Physio.

Pelvic Floor Muscle assessment and training

While Pelvic floor dysfunction is common and occurs in both men and women, it is often easily treatable. Ongoing leaking is not a normal consequence of either aging or childbirth and even mild problems can impact daily life. All of our physiotherapists are skilled in recognising pelvic floor dysfunction relating to movement and exercise and can train you how to safely load your pelvic floor with exercise.

However, some problems require a more thorough assessment and we are very pleased to have Nelda Petschack on our team who has specialised training in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.