More gain and less pain

Physical injuries are a fact of life, and they’re a real pain. However, it is how you approach the healing process that makes all the difference to your recovery. At Lilyfield Physio, we sort out your pain and help you find simple, safe and enjoyable ways to move.

Your treatment options are guided by a thorough assessment and our knowledge of the latest breakthroughs in health science.

Manual ‘hands-on’ treatments

We often commence treatment with passive treatment techniques to offload painful or injured tissue and encourage healing. This may involve joint mobilisations, soft tissue releases, muscle energy techniques, manipulation, and neural mobilisations. On occasion, we may include shockwave therapy or dry needling for targeted pain relief from sensitive muscles and tendons.

Exercise therapy and rehabilitation

Pain can be a real stumbling block in finding your way back to full health. Exercise therapy that helps you move without pain not only promotes your recovery but also enables you to exercise wisely and with confidence.

We shall give you simple instructions to exercise safely and manage your pain or injury.

Do something about your pain...