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At Lilyfield Physio, we are fortunate to have the experience of Kam Bhabra. Kam worked on the PGA professional golf circuit for 10 years with players such as Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Luke Donald to name a few. He spent many years on the practice range working alongside the best coaches in the world. He played a crucial role in helping the professional players prepare their body  for the demands of the modern golf game.

Improve your body to get the most out of your golf swing

As with most typical golfers, you probably spend money on equipment and occasional lessons in the search of improving your game. However, did you know you are overlooking the most important aspect of your game? Your body is critical to your ability to play golf proficiently and to help stay injury free. If you are unable to get your body into the correct positions and sequencing to generate club head speed, you will always struggle with consistency and performance.

Top professionals spend an equal amount of time preparing their body in the gym as they do on the course, to ensure they can perform at their best.

“It is equally essential to keep your body in shape, as it is to work on your game. The modern game has progressed over the years with players being more athletic hitting the ball further. To be able to keep up and practice effectively it is important to stay in peak physical condition.”   Justin Rose US Open Champion 2013

Kam Bhabra Justin Rose at the Indonesian Masters


If you are struggling with injury or just want to get more competitive. We are offering you an amazing opportunity to get the best out of your body and golf game. Together we’ll work towards improving your:

              • Posture
              • Alignment
              • Balance
              • Flexibility
              • Strength
              • Power




Kam with Justin Rose at Indonesian Masters 2018

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