Chronic Pain Relief & Management

You know when you have chronic or persistent pain.

There’s nothing more frustrating than pain which persists after the body should have healed, especially when there’s no clear reason why you’re still suffering months after an injury.

Why won’t your pain go away?

Sometimes persistent pain may be related to unresolved tissue damage that hasn’t fully healed.  However, sometimes there’s no clear connection between the pain and the previous injury.

There are many reasons why pain may linger and become chronic. These include changes to the sensitivity of the nervous system which will affect how we use our body and how we feel about pain.

How can Physiotherapy help chronic pain?

At Lilyfield Physio we know that the most effective way to manage pain is to understand where your pain is coming from, and then take a more active approach to help reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system.

Your pain system is highly responsive to change. Finding ways to move without pain is the key to living well and doing the things you enjoy. Let us help you get moving in a natural and pain free manner.

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