Chronic Disease Management

What conditions can exercise help with?

It’s a fact that a guided exercise program can help with illnesses and chronic health issues.  These health conditions include:

  • type 2 diabetes,
  • obesity,
  • osteoporosis,
  • arthritis,
  • hypertension,
  • cancer recovery,
  • long term injuries

The physiological benefits you may experience from increasing your activity is improved muscle mass, balance, weight loss, bone density, and physical fitness. In a nutshell, it will make you feel stronger and more positive.

How does exercise actually help illness?

It is easy to lose motivation if you’re not receiving the right encouragement and exercise advice. Guided exercise is like an angel on your shoulder gently encouraging you.

  • Exercise and good nutrition can help manage blood glucose levels, reduce stress and decrease weight, all of which are useful in helping control or prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Exercise can help reduce fatigue-related symptoms associated with having or recovering from cancer.
  • Chronic disease such as osteoarthritis can result in muscle weakness and fatigue. Strength and fitness training can help improve muscular strength and decrease your pain.

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