Our Team

Jan Sargood, Lilyfield Physio

Jan Sargood

•  Back Pain •  Neck pain and Headaches •  Art

Karen Westcott, Lilyfield Physio

Karen Westcott

•  Neck Pain and Headaches •  Pregnancy related B

Kam Bhabra, Lilyfield Physio

Kam Bhabra

•  Hands on Therapy •  Dry needling for effective

NELDA PETSCHACK, Lilyfield Physio

Nelda Petschack

• Working with people during cancer treatment and re

Matt Werner, Lilyfield Physio

Matt Werner

BExPh Matt is an accredited exercise physiologist who i

Thea Richardson Lilyfield Physio

Thea Richardson

• Cancer treatment and recovery • Osteoporosis an