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Mum Strong

Movement and exercise are essential to you living well – and we’re here to help you. Whether it’s your favourite sport, a morning walk, working the garden or improving your overall fitness.

Give me strength!

Whether it’s your first or fifth baby, getting back in shape, and even finding time to exercise, is a challenge for every new Mum. Our Mum Strong program is a balance of gentle Pilates and strength-based exercise. We help you understand how your body’s postural, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have changed through pregnancy and help you get back to your former self.

What are the benefits of Mum Strong program?

Our Mum Strong program is taught by our Physiotherapists who are experts in pregnancy and postnatal care to safely help your body recover back to full strength.

The benefits include:

  • Regaining your pelvic floor strength
  • Reducing abdominal separation
  • Building deep abdominal, hip and back muscle strength
  • Improving your general fitness and muscle tone

What does the Program involve?

Our Mum Strong program is informative and fun. It is specifically tailored for pregnant or post-pregnant bodies. Each week your exercises will be progressed with suitable challenges for your body. You will be closely supervised by your physiotherapist to improve your technique.

Book Online and let us help you exercise and recover your body post-pregnancy

Do not let OsteoArthritis stop you from moving and being active?