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Movement and exercise are essential to you living well – and we’re here to help you. Whether it’s your favourite sport, a morning walk, working the garden or improving your overall fitness.

Over 50? You’ll love FitBones

For the last 17 years, our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists have been running FitBones classes for the over 50’s.  Designed to address issues related to osteoporosis and arthritis, these evidence-based exercises help you;

  • build stronger bones
  • strengthen your muscles
  • improve your balance
  • encourage a more robust spine
  • manage pain from arthritis

What does FitBones involve?

Whether you’re just starting out on your exercise journey, or you’re looking to add a bit more structure and challenge to physical motivation, you’ll find each exercise is easily modifiable to suit your individual ability. Using hand-weights, resistance bands, steps and balls to add load, you will become your strongest and most resilient self.

Men’s and Women’s Classes

FitBones classes run for 50 minutes and have around 10-12 people in each. It’s an energetic yet light-hearted and social experience with a focus on performance and quality exercise.

We are proud of the results we have seen from the participants of the FitBones classes over the last 17 years.

The exercises are fun, challenging and rewarding. We have separate classes for men and women. Follow the link to view our class timetable.

Ready to start moving again?

B. Turner

I have been coming to the Lilyfield practice for over 15 years and have always found a physio here able to remediate my problem. In turn my sons have used the practice to their benefit. Since retirement I attend the Fitbones Class for strengthening and enjoy the camaraderie of the other class members. Having moved from the area, I still travel here because I trust the physios.