Pilates and Clinical Exercise pathways

Pilates - Rehabilitation of injuries and Osteoporosis - Reformer, Trapeze Lilyfield Physio

What is the right type of exercise for you?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with exercise approaches. Exercise needs to be specific to your problem and your program will be structured to relate to your performance goals, enabling you to load safely and strengthen wisely.

  1. Releasing, stretching and moving tight muscles
  2. Strength and conditioning (Safe and progressive loading of weak muscles)
  3. Balance and skill
  4. Structured cardiovascular exercise (walking, running, swimming, cycling)

Pilates Programs

Pilates exercise programs are a valuable addition to many exercise programs at Lilyfield Physio as one method of neuromuscular training. The exercises are generally directed at core muscle control, facilitating trunk movement and thereby increasing your options to move well. This will enable you to build a repertoire of good movement patterns which work for you.

The term ‘Clinical Pilates’ is used to describe an exercise program prescribed by a Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologist and is frequently recommended for the rehabilitation of current or long-standing injuries. 

Our senior Physios and Exercise Physiologists work together to ensure that your exercise program is continually progressed and directed towards your individual performance goals.


Seniors Exercise Classes: Fit Bones Lilyfield Physio

These have a reputation for vigour and fun. They have been popular for over 15 years at Lilyfield Physio.

The program uses safe yet challenging evidence–based exercises, designed to strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and encourage a longer and more robust spine.

Emphasis is on building strong bones to manage issues of OSTEOPOROSIS and ARTHRITIS.

Most Fit Bones classes are supervised by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and can cover themes like:

• Health topic of the week
• Jump
• Roll
• Balance
• Play
• Crawl
• Dance
• Skip


Lilyfield Physio Happy Backs

These are our longest running class (20+ years) and are designed specifically to address back and neck problems.

Many clients are referred by GP’s or specialists following a pain episode, but many also attend to help manage or prevent recurrence of their Back and Neck complaint.

Some of the areas covered in these classes are:

• Posture
• Workplace ergonomics
• Overall Fitness
• Balance
• Breathing
• Flexibility
• Strong legs


Lilyfield Physio Circuit Class

A great way to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness while having fun.

You can work towards your own goals by:
• changing the time spent on each exercise
• changing the intervals between each exercise
• adjusting the load or difficulty of each exercise to enable you to explore different options and remain uninjured.