Running Injuries

What causes running injuries?

The biggest cause of running injuries is a sudden increase in running mileage in preparation for a race or personal goal. This significantly increases injury risk and we see many injured runners following an increase in running volume, intensity and frequency.

What doesn’t usually cause running injuries?

There is currently no evidence to support the notion that stretching, warming up before a run, wearing appropriate footwear and eating a balanced diet significantly reduce running injuries.

Research studies refute these beliefs (Bruno Tirotti Saragiotto, PT, MSc1, Tiê Parma Yamato, PT, MSc1, Alexandre Dias Lopes, PT, PhD1, JOSPT).

Train without fear of injury.

At Lilyfield Physio, we can help you to develop an effective training program that will significantly reduce your chances of injury, including:

  • Strength and conditioning training to help reduce injury risk and improve performance. Our Exercise Physiologist will work with you to help you identify specific weaknesses and provide an effective strengthening program to complement your running
  • Scheduling rest days – especially after intense training days as your body needs recovery to repair. Overtraining will lead to tissue breakdown, increasing your risk of injury
  • Vary your running training and include intervals, different surfaces, routes and hills. Repetition is a big cause of injury, so mix up your runs.
  • Monitor your weekly running volumes to help avoid a sudden increase in your training mileage. We can help you follow a graded running program where increases in running workload are performed gradually.
  • It is important not to make too many changes to your training program at once. We suggest one change in your training cycles such as your distance or speed or frequency.

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