Golf Injuries

Golf is a really popular competitive and casual sport. There is a wide range of both health and social benefits to be gained from participating in golf. However, injuries do happen and it is really important to try and avoid these injuries, whether they be acute or from overuse.

Some of the common golfing injuries we tend to see:

Low back pain

Probably the most common injury to affect golfers
Injury occurs due to repetitive flexion and rotation in the low back
This results in increased load on discs and facet joints
To prevent injury enable a neutral spine in set up with good core support
Improve your hip function using the legs to create power

Hip Impingement

Left sided anterior hip impingement in right handed golfers can occur with tightening of the hip adductors, flexors and external rotator muscles
This will push the head of the femur forwards causing impingement
To prevent injury maintain good mobility in the hip joint with targeted stretching
Develop good gluteal muscle strength

Wrist Tendonosis

Tends to occur when the arm swing is not well supported by leg muscle activity
When the swing is off plane more rotation is placed across the wrist causing overload of the tendons
To prevent injury work with total body movement to keep the club on plane, reducing rotation across the wrist

Shoulder pain

The mechanics of the golf swing often causes posterior shoulder tightness
This leads to dysfunction / impingement of the Rotator Cuff muscles
To prevent injury maintain shoulder flexibility and good shoulder blade and Rotator Cuff muscle strength

Elbow Tendinopathies

Tendinopathies often occur due to repeated impacting of the golf club on hard ground, the grip being too small or a sudden increased workload
Typical tendon lesions often need some rest by reducing workload
To prevent injury customise your grip to ensure that there is not too much tension in the forearms
Adjust workload and practise on softer ground. Try using a tee peg when practising

How Lilyfield Physio can help!

Golfers often focus on equipment and club membership but neglect their most important asset, their physical well-being.

Here at Lilyfield Physiotherapy, we encourage clients to undertake Golf Pilates and we will liaise with your coach to develop a more efficient swing.

Kam Bhabra (Principal Physio)

KAM BHABRA our golf expert spent nearly ten years on the professional circuit working with current world No. 1 Justin Rose and being a Member of the 2008 Ryder Cup medical team. He has been privileged to work with the best players and coaches in the world.

Come in and let Kam help you get your body golf ready!

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