Ankle Sprains

How long will I hobble around for?

That’s the first question every person asks when they sprain an ankle.

Most of us will roll our ankle at least once in our lifetime, and not only does it hurt, it also makes life pretty awkward and frustrating.

How can Physio help you recover faster?

The evidence is clear that the sooner you get professional treatment for an ankle sprain, the better the outcome.

The interesting and annoying thing about ankles is that it’s not just about getting you moving again but also restoring your proprioception. Proprioception is your awareness of your body position, allowing you to make finely tuned adjustments to where your foot lands as you walk. This sensory ability is often dampened for 12 months following an ankle sprain, increasing the risk of spraining your ankle again. The good news is your proprioception improves rapidly with specific exercises, and we can get you working back to full function after injury.

If you have sprained your ankle Book an appointment today, so we can get you on a faster path to recovery with the likelihood of reinjury significantly reduced.

Ready to start moving again?