Exercise Physiology


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Exercise is medicine

Exercise is proving to be critical in the management of a wide range of common lifestyle conditions such as:
• cancer therapy
• diabetes
• cardiovascular disorders
• weight control
• metabolic disorders
• mental health.

We’ll work with you (and your GP if necessary) to tailor an exercise programme specific to your goals – whether it’s as part of one of our small group classes, a one-on-one with Matt, our Exercise Physiologist, or a programme for you to undertake at home. It doesn’t have to be a brutal workload or overly complicated, but you will need to get out of your comfort zone.

Training advice

Most sports injuries occur because of excessive loading of structures. The science tells us that this is usually more relevant than biomechanical or technique faults. Training over-load can happen to the jogger preparing for the City-to-Surf even more easily than it can afflict the elite athlete.

Ask us to help you design a training plan relevant to your goals, whether it be:
• Marathon
• Walking Camino de Santiago
• Ocean swimming
• Strength training
• Gym program – we can conduct on-site program design


This comes down to moving your body efficiently, and ideally, effortlessly. Performance evaluation considers issues such as specific technique, balance, torque production (speed) and muscle balance. It is very individual and relates to both the amateur and the elite sports-person. We can work with you using manual facilitation, video, taping, mirrors and gait software to help you perform to your best.

Your Best 20

If we’ve learnt nothing else from years in this profession it is these 2 things…

1. Getting a little bit done daily makes a huge difference
2. It can be really hard to get into a routine when you’re busy.

No joy for you or us. So, our way around this is to choose (with you) ONLY exercises that are relevant to your goals, and make them practical and palatable. To be frank, if they are the right exercises done well, 20 minutes is often plenty of time.