What is happening to your body?

Due to the changing shape of your body and the added effects of pregnancy hormones, it is not uncommon to experience aches and pains in pregnancy.

Your growing baby places additional load on your spine, joints and muscles. In addition, the hormone Relaxin, relaxes the soft tissues about the pelvic joints, allowing some give to otherwise very stiff joints, in preparation for birth. These two factors can be counteracted with good abdominal and pelvic muscle tone.

Your growing baby increases pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, and pregnancy may be the first time women experience incontinence.

How does Physiotherapy help?

Recent evidence recommends combining physiotherapy treatment with exercise therapy for the best outcomes in both pregnancy and postnatal periods. There are other treatment options to help reduce your pain, including manual therapy and sacral belts which offer support to the pelvis. Safe and appropriate pregnancy and postnatal Pilates-informed exercises can really help during this time and with your recovery.

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