Cardiac Rehabilitation

Bringing your body up to speed

Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of deaths in men and women. Every year around 55,000 people suffer a heart attack.

Increasing incidental physical activity and engaging in structured exercise sessions can help reduce risk or assist in managing cardiovascular disease. Engaging in light-moderate exercise, aiming for 30 minutes on most days, is recommended. For patients with cardiovascular disease, it is generally recommended to avoid vigorous exercise.

Our exercise physiologists can help you with a suitable exercise program

  • pre or post heart attack
  • pre or post heart surgery.
  • other conditions you may have related to cardiovascular disease.

Supervision of exercise is especially important if you present with symptoms such as hypertension, angina, hypotension, resting tachycardias, or arrhythmias.

The exercise physiologists at Lilyfield Physio will help you get your body working and performing better.

Ready to start moving again?