Cancer Rehabilitation

How the C Word impacts your body?

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. The treatments that you go through can have a really profound impact on your body and psyche. There can be fatigue, weakness, pain and scar tissue development. If you have radiotherapy, a lot of changes to your connective tissue can occur, that can really impact your daily function, joint mobility and how you feel about your body. Physiotherapy can help with a lot of these issues and can actually be a really important part of your recovery process, especially with that overwhelming fatigue.

How does Physio and exercise help?

There is strong evidence supporting targeted exercise to help fight cancer, but you’ll need professional supervision. Specialised exercise programs can help with the fatigue, which is a common side effect of the treatments and medications. This is the key in finding the energy to go back to work or being active with your kids.

Exercise will also help improve your self-esteem and confidence following a life-changing diagnosis.

Examples of physio helping specific cancer recoveries:

Exercise treatment for prostate cancer,  both before and after surgery, or during drug therapy, has produced very favourable results. Following other Cancer surgeries, people often require assistance with scar management, joint stiffness, recovering normal muscle activity and restoring flexibility.

Following breast cancer surgery, you will need assistance to recover chest and arm flexibility. This is extremely important to help you prevent back and nerve pain. Physiotherapy also helps you recover normal breathing mechanics which can help reduce anxiety, shortness of breath, and help prevent neck and shoulder pain.

How can we help at Lilyfield Physio?

  • Personalised, specific treatment and exercise programs following breast cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery, post ovarian/gynaecological cancer
  • Treatment for breast oedema, axillary scar tightness and cording
  • Exercise guidance during radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cancer treatments
  • Lymphoedema management, assessment and monitoring
  • Compression sleeve and garment fitting
  • Management of pelvic pain following Brachytherapy

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