Stop…and take a deep breath.

How to breath


“We are connected to our phones… but not to our own bodies”.

Our fast-paced lives mean we rarely stop and live ‘in the moment’. We’ve lost our innate ability to breathe our own gentle breath and connect with our mind and body.

Our lack of proper breathing significantly erodes our health and wellbeing, often leaving us feeling stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed or in disease. However, when you take that time to breathe correctly:

  • Oxygen delivery improves
  • Your blood pressure lowers
  • Endorphins are released helping to minimise pain
  • Detoxification improves
  • Stress and anxiety is relieved
  • Energy and mood improves


At Lilyfield Physiotherapy, we recognise the importance of being connected to your breathing and the benefits this brings to your well-being. We are offering a three-week course supporting you in exploring the simplicity, ease and health benefits when you choose to reconnect and breathe your own breath. Body awareness, breath awareness, gentle breath meditation technique, simple and gentle physical movements (mainly floor-based) focussed towards supporting body connection, the release of tension and natural breathing. Each class is a complete offering.

Alexandra Plane holds an Advanced Diploma in Yoga  (incl. Yoga therapy). She has specialised in a variety of bodywork therapies for the past 9 years and is our in-house Remedial Massage Therapist.

* if you have a medical condition please get written clearance from your doctor or physiotherapist.

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Learn how to breath again?