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Golf Balance


The importance of balance and flexibility in golf

In recent times, the game of golf has seen a dominant focus on improving a golfer’s driving distance. This has led to many players working on improving muscle power in an attempt to gain greater club head speed.  We see many golfers in our clinic and the first thing they often say is “I need to get stronger, so I can hit the ball further”. Bryson Dechambeau has changed the game in this regard, however golf has many nuances, and it is not all about power. Golf is a game which also requires finesse, control and most importantly, balance throughout the swing.

  • there is no point developing power, if you do not have good fundamentals of posture, alignment, and reliability of technique
  • improving your flexibility and creating a bigger shoulder turn, can also develop speed and power in your swing


Golf mobility

What is balance?

Balance can be described as an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. When we relate this to the golf swing, we often use the term “postural control”, being defined as the act of maintaining, achieving, or restoring a state of balance during any posture or activity.

The benefits of enhanced balance!

  • Improved body awareness
  • Improved leg and trunk strength
  • Improved co-ordination and timing
  • Reduced risk of injury

How do you improve your balance?

Balance exercises involve challenging the control and stability of the body in various positions and with a variety of movements. We use various activities and types of equipment to train your body’s ability to recognise and maintain flexibility with equilibrium and control. This will build a great foundation for any level of golfer.

How we can help!

We have helped many players develop their balance and control, thereby improving their ball strike and scores significantly.

Let us help you to understand your body and the importance of effective training to improve your enjoyment, performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Ready to improve your performance and avoid injury?