Yes, running is proven to benefit fitness, strength, bone density etc, but did you know it is one of the best exercises for:
  • tightening your lower CORE
  • REDUCING joint pain (neck, back, hip, knees)
  • improving brain function (increasing cerebral blood flow)

Running - learn to run at Lilyfield Physio

It’s Easier Than You Think

For a lot of people, the idea of going for a run is intimidating or downright unpleasant. That’s not surprising, given the image we often see of the pink-faced, puffing, pounding runner. It doesn’t have to be like that. It can actually be relaxing once you’ve learnt how (I know – mad!) A lot of our client are thrilled to find, after 1 or 2 simple sessions, that they are able to run perfectly well. Many are happy just to run Scout’s pace i.e. alternate light jogging with walking. Some go on to much more.

Get Started

Often one consultation is enough to assess your medical history, design some goals and get you going. We will send you a running specific questionnaire in advance to ensure you get the most out of your initial running assessment consultation.

Our exercise physiologist Matt Werner is an elite 800m runner. His degree in Sport Science equips him perfectly to assess and coach running.


Bad For The Knees?

The science consensus over the last 10+years suggests that the opposite is the case. Even with people who already suffer from arthritis! (We would be happy to provide the research conclusions to any Orthopedic surgeon or GP who is curious).


Are you already a runner and would like to get faster, fitter or improve your technique? Do you have an event coming up and are aiming for a PR? We can work with you, tweak your technique (if necessary), draft a training plan and help you to achieve those goals.

Those of you born before say 1985 will know who this strange fellow is. Gumboots are no longer the recommended footwear but Cliff was onto something.

Ready to start moving again?