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Neck Pain


It’s a Pain in the Neck!

30% of us will experience at least one episode of neck pain every year and it is the fourth leading cause of disability.  Facts and figures aside, it can have a profound impact on daily life, affecting our mood, cause headaches and disturbing our sleep.

How Physiotherapy Can Help!

The good news is most episodes of acute neck pain will be short-lived and resolve without treatment, but nearly 50% of people will continue to experience some degree of pain or frequent reoccurrences. This is where a skilled physiotherapist can intervene to help.

In these cases of neck pain, it is important to determine any nerve involvement and exclude any serious pathology (rare). Through a detailed history and clinical examination, we can then determine the cause of your neck pain. Imaging such as x-ray, CT scans or MRIs are rarely needed.


Happily, most people with neck pain don’t have any significant damage to their spine and the pain is often coming from the soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. A common cause of neck pain we see in the clinic is related to prolonged poor posture, often as the result of many consecutive hours sitting at a desk. The head and neck rely on good support from the middle and lower back.



Forward head posture


Lilyfield Physio Can Help!

Addressing individual postural factors, together with 2-3 sessions of manual therapy, will often see a huge and sustainable change in someone’s neck pain. It can often be simple changes in pelvic position, learning to ‘turn off’ or relax the long back muscles, and managing your time spent in front of screens. Let us help you make a lasting effect on your neck pain.

Life without neck pain

Don’t put up with it any more, call us for an appointment.