Golf Swing Fault: Arms becoming disconnected

Your arms becoming disconnected

In this article, we show how your physio can work in conjunction with your golf coach. Exercises and drills, can be designed to allow your body the best chance of breaking unhelpful patterning in your golf swing.

This swing fault occurs in the first part of your back swing, when your arms disconnect or separate from your body. This will often lead to:

• Difficulty in sequencing your back swing correctly, so that your arms and club are synchronised with your body
• Poor swing plane and club-face issues ultimately leading to inconsistent golf shots
• Your legs and body do not work properly contributing to your golf swing, then your arms will often overtake becoming disconnected from your body

Turn your trunk keeping your arms connected to your body!

Often your right elbow will come away from the body (Red circle), resulting in the arms losing connection with your body and legs (Red line). This will often place greater stress on your arms with more likelihood of injury. Your shoulder, elbow and wrist may all be vulnerable to breakdown and pain. Ideal position is shown in the other image with right elbow (Green circle) and left arm (Green line) connected with the body.

Arms disconnected
Golf swing proper motion

The following exercises will help to address this swing fault:

1) Flexibility: Posterior shoulder and thoracic stretch

• Holding bar around chest height
• Rotate away and lean to feel stretch in back of shoulder and through ribs
• Using a band helps give more of an elastic recoil to the stretch

2) Strength: Walk Rotation with med ball

• Walking along a line, take small steps and toe in to keep pelvis stable
• Rotate medicine ball over the lead leg once foot planted
• Keep ball on same plane and head looking forward

3) Functional: Wood chop keepings arms connected

• Wide stance and drop into hips
• Rotate cable around your body
• Maintain height and do not sway body
• Keep hands in front of chest


Coaching Drill

• Normal set up with towel tucked under your arm pits
• This helps keep connection of arms to your body
• Promoting a more natural pivot