Flexibility for Golf

Golf Flexibility


Golf is a sport that requires dynamic flexibility to produce a consistent, repeatable, and powerful swing. The back swing requires the upper body to coil against a stable lower body, then as the club hits through the ball the body needs to be able to extend towards the target.


Chest Exercise

James (PGA touring professional) performing a chest opening exercise.


When a top-class professional swings the club it can look effortless. An excellent example of this is Adam Scott. He maintains incredible posture and balance throughout his swing. Many people are unaware that this can only be achieved because he has excellent flexibility throughout his body, allowing him to maintain such control and width in his swing.






We see many keen golfers in our clinic, and one of the biggest factors we see holding them back is lack of flexibility. Typically, many of these part-time golfers sit at desk-based jobs, stuck in flexion for most of the day. They turn up at the course, run to the first tee and expect to smash a drive straight down the fairway.


Golf Exercise

Gary a senior golfer performing hip extension with balance.


We also help many older golfers to maintain golf fitness. Loss of flexibility and balance is natural as we age. We aim to improve both flexibility and balance, allowing them to enjoy their game and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The two main areas we see golfers lack the greatest flexibility are in their hips and chest. Improving extension in the chest and hips, allows your golf swing to become more efficient. The more extension through these areas in turn causes less compression on your lower back.

Developing greater flexibility allows you to deliver power more efficiently with greater width towards the target, generating more club head speed and better performance.

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