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Winter Warrior

Winter Warrior

Happy Winter!

Now that we are well into the cooler months, exercise and being outdoors drops off for many people. However, it is important to continue moderate intensity exercise during the winter months to manage your health and fitness and boost your immune system.

We understand that maintaining motivation when exercising individually can be a struggle. Research shows that regular contact with your exercise physiologist early on will help you stick to your program and reach your goals (Fennel et al., 2016). We have come up with a 5 session, one-on-one exercise package that lets us do all the planning, enabling you to exercise with instruction from an Exercise Physiologist. After 5 sessions you will notice an improvement in your strength and fitness.


Why choose and Exercise Physiologist for 1:1 training?

Exercise physiologists are university trained and are the highest qualified professionals to deliver exercise. They possess knowledge and skills to train people with chronic diseases, people with injuries, and healthy people who want to improve their strength and fitness.


Exercise Physiologist

Winter Warrior

We have a SPECIAL OFFER to help you stay motivated and moving!

For the months of June, July, and August, we are pleased to offer 5 Exercise Physiology Sessions for $270. If you are eligible to access the Enhanced Primary Care plans from your GP, these sessions will be entirely covered by this scheme. Alternatively, your private health fund may cover these sessions.



Session 1:
Initial exercise session, including a comprehensive assessment of your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems and an individualised exercise plan.

Sessions 2-4:
Exercise sessions targeting improvements in muscular strength and endurance, aerobic conditioning, balance, & flexibility.

Session 5:
Final exercise session, including a review & Exercise Progression Plan with your own cues for self-management.

Keep Moving In Winter!