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Post Exercise Recovery

  • “How can I prevent onset of muscle soreness?”
  • “How can I train when I am still sore?”
  • “How can I get the most out of my exercise session?”

These are all questions we get asked when people begin exercising. The aim for a lot of people is to work out and not feel sore after, however a certain amount of soreness after an exercise session is a good thing.

When you exercise you break down your muscle fibres. Depending on how hard the exercise session was you will normally experience soreness the day or two after. The muscle fibres you break down will repair and become stronger and thus the cycle keeps going and that’s how you improve your strength. It is important you limit the amount of soreness as it causes fatigue and delays your ability to exercise more frequently.

There are certain recovery methods you can use that will assist in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness:

  • Sleep – Seems simple but is often overlooked and if you do not get enough sleep your recovery time will take much longer.
  • Eat well – Try increasing your protein intake as it is responsible for building muscle when it is damaged. A general rule is to have a meal with protein in it after a workout, in the morning, and just before bed.
  • Drink fluid – A well hydrated body is more efficient in every bodily function.
  • Stretching – When you have post exercise soreness your muscles will feel really tight. Stretching or light exercise is the best way to reduce stiffness.
  • Cold bath – Cold water immersion can assist in reducing inflammation and soreness.

If you have any questions book in to see our Exercise Physiologist to help guide your workouts.


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