The SMART way to Exercise!

the smart way to exercise


It’s 6 weeks until summer, the start of a new year, till you turn fifty! You’re retiring, starting a new job, getting married or just had a baby!

The above examples are all good reasons that may motivate you into starting an exercise program. But how you go about it is the difference between success and failure (remember your last new year’s resolution…?). The difference can simply be in setting the right goal, in the right way.


The SMART acronym works brilliantly for helping you reach your exercise goals. SMART stands for:

S = specific, M = measurable, A = attainable, R = realistic, T = time frame

  • Specific – means exercise relevant to achieving your goals. This could simply be upper body weights, lower body weights, running, swimming, cycling or Pilates as examples. Try to pick something that you enjoy or motivates you enough to stick with it
  • Measurable – it is important to find a way to be able to measure progress objectively. Nothing is more motivating then finding out you are progressing
  • Attainable – make sure your goals are reasonable and you have the resources to reach them
  • Realistic – you want the goals to be challenging, but achievable to keep you motivated. Break them down into manageable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Time frame – This may be related to a sports event or upcoming holiday. Give yourself reasonable time and try to gradually progress your training volume. Too hard, too quickly, you may overdo it in the early stages and sustain an injury

To help you achieve your next fitness goal, we will show you how to be

SMART exercise goals

This program will give you the very best opportunity to formulate the right goal for you, be accountable and stick to your program and achieve your personal best performance.

Have you always wanted to run the City to Surf? Have you always wanted to do 10 chin ups without breaking a sweat? Your goals may simply be that you want to be able to get up from the floor more easily after playing with your grandchildren or get up the 20 stairs in your house without being puffed.


Health Goals

We can help you get there!

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