Online Exercise – is it really helpful?

zoom exercise


Over the past two years COVID-19 has changed the way we are used to operating. We have had to adapt some aspects of our lifestyle to the online world, and exercise is no exception. Online individual and group exercise sessions have boomed during throughout the last 2 years and the signs are that it will continue to remain hugely popular well into the future. There are many benefits to online exercise some of which are listed below:

Benefits of online exercise:

  • no travelling or parking issues
  • flexibility to do it anywhere
  • exercise when away for work or holidays
  • work at your own pace
  • number of participants not limited by size of room
  • works well with a few simple pieces of equipment
  • more affordable
  • occurs at a regularly scheduled time, so still holds a similar level of accountability, which is one of the most common reasons for seeking out exercise professionals

Disadvantages of online exercise:

  • not having appropriate equipment
  • more difficult to correct form
  • less social interaction

Lilyfield Physio online classes

At Lilyfield Physio, we run daily online group exercise classes. Our most popular class is the FitBones class, which works on exercises for healthy ageing. The class focuses on a huge variety of balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercises that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Take home message

My suggestion is to give Zoom a try, as most people who do, love it! And to help you get started, we would like to give you a weeks’ worth of classes* on us!

* 3 sessions in one calendar week

Ready to zoom?