Exercise Physiology – What is it?

Exercise Physiologist


What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is a University qualified health professional who specialises in using exercise for therapeutic and medical reasons. They have a wide range of clientele they treat from the elderly to children, everyday people to high level athletes, and people with one or multiple conditions. The role of an exercise physiologist is to help prevent or manage those with an acute, sub-acute, or a chronic condition or injury using exercise as a treatment modality.

Where do Exercise Physiologists fit in?


Different from a physiotherapist, an exercise physiologist does not use any hands on treatment and typically will see someone after a physiotherapist looking to restore fitness, strength and function.

Personal Trainers

Differences between a personal trainer is exercise physiologists are educated to undergraduate level, having a greater understanding of the effects of exercise on the body, especially when disease or injury exists in an individual. Exercise physiologists will see clinical populations with conditions that require education around dosage, intensity and understanding of the individual and/ or conditions.

Where do Exercise physiologist work?

Exercise physiologists work in a range of different settings including hospitals, private clinics, gyms, sports organizations, fitness centres, aged care facilities, and workplace rehabilitation.

What will an Exercise Physiologist do?

An exercise physiologist will do an assessment of functional capacity, provide advice on lifestyle modifications, exercise prescriptions working on improving strength, fitness and function in an individualised session or group setting, as well as setting individualised home programs. They will also provide advice on healthy lifestyle options as well as guidance on safe and effective exercises.

When should I see an Exercise Physiologist?

You should consult an exercise physiologist when you have just been diagnosed, looking to avoid, or need help managing a chronic or acute condition. You can also see an exercise physiologist when you are looking to improve your performance, trying to figure out the best exercise for you, wanting to take up exercise, or if you enjoy 1:1 or small group training.

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Exercise Physiology




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