Best Exercise For Weight Loss


Do you want to lose weight?

If you’re reading this article you are probably like most, who struggle to stay on track with a diet and exercise regime. Losing weight or dieting is really not that simple. Many different factors can affect why you may not lose or gain weight such as gender, age, metabolism, different health conditions, genetic and lifestyle factors.

What can you control?

Two things that we can change and influence having a direct effect on body composition are exercise and dieting. The two need to be done in conjunction otherwise you may not be effective in losing weight. Let us focus on the best exercises for weight loss, but also note that correct eating habits can play an equal part if not an even greater part in shifting weight.

Best exercises for weight loss?


An easy exercise you can do is step-ups. It is easy to find a step and it’s a great exercise for improving both strength and cardiovascular fitness, which helps increase energy expenditure.

Sit to stands or floor to rising

Basic but functional exercises, efficient for improving fitness and lower limb strength as it uses large muscle groups helping increase the heart rate. Start with sit to stands, then if you feel comfortable progress from floor to rising.

Resistance training

This really helps change body composition by increasing muscle mass percentage, which in turn boosts metabolism. Try getting some advice from an Exercise Physiologist as they can set you up with a home routine. All you may need is a set of dumbbells to start, alternatively, they can begin training you in the gym to help you target effective weight loss.

Cardio equipment

Easily done indoors or outdoors, exercises such as walking, jogging or riding a bike are fantastic for burning calories. All of these exercises are great as they are generally long in duration, release plenty of endorphins, increase your heart rate and help surpass well beyond the standard 10,000 daily steps count.

All the above mentioned are exercises that require very little equipment. The reason why they work is two-fold increasing strength and getting the heart rate up, both of which are the most effective ways to lose weight.

We Can Help

If you would like any help with your weight loss goals please book an appointment with our Exercise Physiologist to get an effective exercise program for your body needs that match your