Swollen Ankles and Feet!

Swollen feet

What Causes Swollen Ankles and Feet? Swollen ankles and feet, also known as oedema, can be caused by various factors. Oedema (often called “edema” in American English) is a medical condition characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body’s tissues. This can lead to swelling and puffiness in various parts of the body,…

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The Difference Between Pilates and Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapist with young patient.

Pilates and Clinical Pilates may sound identical, but they have several key differences in application and practice. Here, we’ll cover what Clinical Pilates is, the benefits of Clinical Pilates, and the difference between regular Pilates and Clinical Pilates so you can decide which type would be most beneficial to you.

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New year exercise statistics


  When it comes to exercise, a vast majority of people normally set exercise goals towards the end or start of the year. This coincides with a general trend, to exercise more when the weather is warmer. If you can establish a good routine during this period, it can be easier to maintain it during…

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Struggling with STRENGTH LOSS post lockdown?

Losing muscle

  For a lot of people during the months of lockdown, the extent of exercise has been walking, running, cycling, or home exercises. These exercises are considered aerobic exercises which are great for improving cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, regulating weight, and improving immune system function. (American Heart Association recommendations for physical activity in adults…

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Start or improve your running with our running programs!

bay run

Want to get off the ‘iso-couch’ and move again? Run, Run! Running is a fantastic and simple way to keep fit. We all like to see gains in our fitness and to have goals are great for motivation. We have designed 3 different programs based running experience. They are simple, easy to follow 8-week programs:…

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Exercise Physiology – What is it?

Exercise Physiologist

  What is an Exercise Physiologist? An exercise physiologist is a University qualified health professional who specialises in using exercise for therapeutic and medical reasons. They have a wide range of clientele they treat from the elderly to children, everyday people to high level athletes, and people with one or multiple conditions. The role of…

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Best Exercise For Weight Loss


Do you want to lose weight? If you’re reading this article you are probably like most, who struggle to stay on track with a diet and exercise regime. Losing weight or dieting is really not that simple. Many different factors can affect why you may not lose or gain weight such as gender, age, metabolism,…

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