Why do we get less flexible as we age?

  Why is it, that as we get older, some things just get harder to do? Why don’t our bodies move as well as they used to? It is a well-established fact that we lose flexibility as we age. It can take us much longer to warm up during an activity, which can reduce our…

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The Difference Between Pilates and Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapist with young patient.

Pilates and Clinical Pilates may sound identical, but they have several key differences in application and practice. Here, we’ll cover what Clinical Pilates is, the benefits of Clinical Pilates, and the difference between regular Pilates and Clinical Pilates so you can decide which type would be most beneficial to you.

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Tips to help with Neck Pain in Golfers

Golf swing

Neck pain tends to develop in golfers on the lead side of their neck. It tends to occur due to fatigue in muscles and over practice. Tension in your lead arm places strain on your neck.

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So you are out of alignment!!

body out of alignment

Apparently your back is “out”! Should you be concerned? Most people who have seen a medical professional for back or neck pain, have probably been told at some point they are out of alignment and this needs to be corrected by treatments including manipulation, orthotics and other forms of manual therapy. This will often give…

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It’s a pain in the Neck! 30% of us will experience at least one episode of neck pain every year and it is the fourth leading cause of disability. Facts and figures aside, it can have a profound impact on daily life, affecting our mood, can cause headaches, and even disturb our sleep. How Physiotherapy…

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Is neck pain at work giving you grief? Increasing computerisation in the workplace has made it difficult for us to keep a strong back and neck. Could you benefit from strengthening exercises for your neck and shoulder muscles? Researchers from the University of Queensland reviewed the scientific evidence for workplace-based interventions for office workers with…

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