Model walk


THE MODEL WALK …. Have you got it?

We all know that sashaying gait which models adopt on the runway. This has evolved as an art form to display clothing over a very short distance. It is not sustainable or desirable as a means of transport or an efficient exercise activity.

When we see patients who have this hip-swinging, hip-dropping walk, they have usually arrived in our clinic with hip or back pain and weakness of their gluteal muscles.

Our bone structure is our support or scaffolding and keeping our spine and hip joints happy relies on balancing on top of our bones to enable strong and efficient muscle activity to move us. A sideways swing is not desirable and could be classified as a bilateral limp. It is easy to see how swinging off our bone structure can result in repetitive strain through parts of the spine or your hip joints and impairment in the tendons of your gluteal muscles.

This sounds like and is, a scenario for back pain or hip or knee pain and, as walking and stairs become more and more painful, so you avoid moving and do less and less and get weaker and so the spiral goes on.

Doesn’t sound serious though, does it? Or does it?

If this sounds like you, start moving forwards today.

Physios love helping you to protect your joints. This enables you to keep moving and keep doing the things you love. Strength of your hip muscles is very important in this goal.


Model walk


















The good news is, with a timely diagnosis and a good understanding of why and how your pain started, this is a very treatable condition!

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