Don’t spoil your Xmas with back pain!!

back pain

Give your back the gift of Exercise!

Whether you’re making your house ready for Santa’s arrival or having the family around for a holiday cook up, most of us are likely to be busier than ever during the holiday period and we want you to enjoy the festive season without having to worry about niggly back pain.

At Lilyfield Physiotherapy, we have five tips to help prevent and reduce back pain over this coming festive season:

Thinking of lifting that heavy Christmas tree?

Firstly, there is no danger in bending and lifting from the ground, but if you’re doing a lot of bending and lifting that you aren’t used to, you might end up with a cranky back. When lifting from the floor, some strategies to make it more “back friendly” are:

  • Bending at your knees
  • Sink your hips to the floor
  • Keep a “neutral back”
  • Drive through your legs when standing up
  • Don’t forget to breathe!!!
  • If it’s an awkward object, find someone to help out

Keep on the Move

As much of a temptation it is to get friendly with the couch and catch the carols, it is also important to keep moving. Even if you are the designated chef for the day, maintaining one posture might leave you with a bit of an ache. It is important to keep moving.

We recommend going for small walks, taking breaks from sustained positions/postures or even performing gentle stretches. This leads us into our next tip…

Perform a little exercise!

If you’re finding it hard to create time to exercise regularly, may be trying to do some simple exercises at home such as child’s pose, knee rocks, sit to stand, step ups, or bridges to keep your back strong and mobile.

Get organised and avoid getting stressed

The holiday period can be incredibly busy and stressful. Research has established that there is a strong positive correlation between stress and sensitivity to pain. Plan ahead and get help in order to have a relaxed and enjoyable holiday period. This will help you avoid getting tired and stressed and aggravating your back pain.

Grade your return to sport and exercise

“Santa” had too many milk and cookies? When you’re planning to get fit after the holidays, exercise needs to be gradual. More than 10-15% increase in exercise per week has been shown to significantly increase your risk of injury.

Our advice:

  • Start gently
  • Have a rest day between exercise sessions
  • Build up your activity over the course of 6-8 weeks.
  • Perform familiar exercise rather than something brand new

If you’re after a bit more guidance, the link below is a couch to 5km run guide to get you back into action.

Please Contact us if you have any concerns with your back. We are here to ensure you enjoy your holidays.

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