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Running Group

Make Running Easy This running group is designed to help people improve their running fitness, prevent or manage running related injuries through correct technique, and guidance around planning runs throughout the week. We have created a group running session that will help you by: Evaluating your running technique Guidance around planning your training diary Interval…

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Complimentary Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

Kick-start your year with a Complimentary Health and Lifestyle Fitness Assessment and Exercise Plan! We are very excited to be able to offer you 2 complimentary 30 minute exercise consultations with Matt or Aedon, our Exercise Physiologists. The wonderful enthusiasm which has been shown by many of our clients over the past year has motivated us to…

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The health and safety of our most valued patients and staff is our immediate priority and we are constantly responding to the evolving advice from the Australian Department of Health. Following these precautions and recommendations, stringent hygiene protocols have been put in place throughout the clinic to keep you as safe as possible. We would…

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Top 5 recovery methods post exercise

Exercise Recovery Foot

Post Exercise Recovery “How can I prevent onset of muscle soreness?” “How can I train when I am still sore?” “How can I get the most out of my exercise session?” These are all questions we get asked when people begin exercising. The aim for a lot of people is to work out and not feel sore…

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5 Top Tips for the Injury Prevention in Soccer

Soccer Injury

  The popularity of soccer has soared in Australia over the last three years, but unfortunately, so has the number of injuries we see in the clinic. Our goal at Lilyfield physio is to keep you moving, playing and injury free. Here are our 5 top tips to keep you on the pitch. 1) Ensure…

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“Core stability” The facts

Core Strength

Have you been given “abdominal hollowing” or “bracing” exercises for your lower back pain? Often the blame for lower back pain is “a lack of core stability”, but is this theory now becoming out-dated? Core stability is often referred to as the strength and endurance of your deep abdominal muscles. The two most common muscles…

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Exercise For Mental Health

Exercise for mental health

Exercise for mental health We all know the importance of exercise for keeping us physically healthy, but many of us aren’t aware that it can keep us mentally healthy as well. Research has shown that those who exercise regularly have better mental health, emotional wellbeing, lower rates of mental illness, improved sleep quality and improved…

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Forefoot vs Midfoot vs Rearfoot Running?

Running style

What do runners generally do regards foot strike? A recent Runner’s World study of more than 160,000 recreational and elite runners revealed that 40 percent of people thought they were heel strikers, 43 percent midfoot strikers and 17 percent forefoot strikers. Under analysis it was found, 94 percent of these runners were heel strikers, 4…

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