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Golf shoulder

Tips to help with Shoulder Pain in Golfers

The lead shoulder will often develop pain at the back, due to either overload of the rotator cuff on impacting...
Elbow golf

Tips to help with Elbow Pain in Golfers

Golfers will often develop elbow pain due to poor technique and overload of the elbow region. Gripping too tig...
Golf swing

Tips to help with Back Pain in Golfers

In this article we identify three simple tips which will really help off load your lower back. Three key fu...


The health and safety of our most valued patients and staff is our immediate priority and we are constantly re...
Soccer Injury

5 Top Tips for the Injury Prevention in Soccer

  The popularity of soccer has soared in Australia over the last three years, but unfortunately, so has t...
Core Strength

“Core stability” The facts

Have you been given “abdominal hollowing” or “bracing” exercises for your lower back p...

“What is the best exercise for me? Strength training or Cardio?”

  Nearly everyone questions what is better for exercise, weight training or cardio? The answer is both ar...
Exercise for mental health

Exercise For Mental Health

Exercise for mental health We all know the importance of exercise for keeping us physically healthy, but many ...
Exercise Recovery Foot

Top 5 recovery methods post exercise

Post Exercise Recovery “How can I prevent onset of muscle soreness?” “How can I train when I am still ...
Resistance exercise

Exercise for the aging population

The Benefits! Exercise is good for all ages and in older adults can improve cardiovascular function, muscle st...
Running and knees

Is running bad for my knees?

What about my knees? Adults are recommended that they achieve 150 minutes of moderate activity per week to imp...
Osteoporosis Exercise

Exercise for Osteoporosis

Diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopaenia? For the most part 90% of us reach our peak bone density in our ear...

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Living with Osteoarthritis

What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition which describes the life related changes we see in the cartilage of our joints which most commonly presents in the hands, knees and hips. In 2015, there were 2.2 million reported Australians (1 in 10) with osteoarthritis and the cost to the healthcare system is $2.1 billion…
Exercise Physiology

Complimentary Exercise Physiology

Kick-start your year with a Complimentary Health and Lifestyle Fitness Assessment and Exercise Plan! We are very excited to be able to offer you 2 complimentary 30 minute exercise consultations with Matt or Aedon, our Exercise Physiologists. The wonderful enthusiasm which has been shown by many of our clients over the past year has motivated us to…

Golf Performance Series: Increase Shoulder Turn

  02 Mar 2021 Increased shoulder turn improves the X-factor in your golf swing! In golf, the more separation between hip and shoulder turn, creates greater torque and speed in the golf swing. This is often referred to as the X-factor, which will produce more power and consistency by using the big trunk and leg…